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Hello, 2020 – I am so excited to see what God has in store for all of us this year! I, personally, am so excited to speak at my first conference where I’ll encourage women to dress up and show up for themselves and their career/business! I can’t wait to share some amazing personal branding tips with over 160 ladies! Stay tuned for more personal branding tips and tricks!

For my first blog post of 2020, I want to share my favorite podcasts for women in business. These podcasts have been carefully selected by myself; they are produced by true boss ladies and great role models who are energetic and driven to succeed. I listen to these in the car, when I’m working, and when I need some inspiration!

This is not an ad, and I did not get paid to share the following podcasts with you. I hope you check these boss ladies out and enjoy!


The Goal Digger Podcast

This podcast is for all of you who have big goals and big dreams for your business!

Whether you need help understanding the ever-changing Instagram algorithms or building that email list, Jenna Kutcher has all the great advice you need to elevate your business to the next level. This podcast has been featured in US Weekly and is listed as one of the top 100 podcasts on iTunes with over 25 million downloads.

Choose from categories like business, marketing, or general inspiration. I love a mix – it’s my go-to podcast when I’m getting ready in the morning! You can also download the notes from each episode! I love this podcast because it feels like Jenna is sitting right there with me, chilling while we catch up on girl talk!

My favorite episodes:

Episode 269: How to Take Better Photos

Episode 261: 5 Tips to Structure Your Work Day and Stay Productive

Episode 231: How to Get People on Board with Your Business

Episode 196: Turning Your Mess into Your Message with Jamie Grace

(I have a dozen more – I can’t wait to see what your favorite episodes are!)


BossGirl Creative Podcast

This podcast is for the blogger boss babe who needs a little inspiration and direction. From blogging tips to business strategies, Taylor Bradford has you covered. She teaches women creatives how to “stand out in a sea of noise” so that they can get more leads, book more clients, generate more revenue, make an impact & create a life they want to be living.

My favorite episodes:

Episode 240: The Elusive Work-Life Balance

Episode 238: Productivity Hacks

Episode 217: Stop Trying to Do All the Things

Episode 145: Time Management Tips

Episode 106: Dealing with Criticism

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @bossgirlcreative


Rise Podcast

This podcast is for the woman who is trying to make her business work, juggle mom life, and deal with all the things life throws at us. Join one of my favorite motivational speakers, Rachel Hollis, as she helps you tear down barriers, find yourself, and learn from past mistakes. This is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

My favorite episodes:

Episode 125: How to Supercharge Your Morning Routine

Episode 111: What’s Keeping you from Making a Million Dollars

Episode  110 : How to Navigate Mom Guilt and Capitalize on Social Media


The Empowering Women Podcast

This podcast is for you if you are a business woman in a male-dominated industry (engineering, manufacturing, construction, etc.). They highlight women in the workforce and aim to discuss essential topics around workplace bias and sexism.

You can find the Empowering Women podcast here.

You can find my favorite episode, Episode 11, featuring my friend Charli K. Matthews. She is the founding CEO of Empowering Brands, Empowering Pumps and Empowering Women in Industry, and a real inspiration to all of us women! She is making way for all women to sit at the table and inspiring us all to work hard and follow our dreams. The mission of Empowering Women in Industry is to help educate, connect, and empower women in male-dominated industries. Listen to the episode here. 

My favorite quote from Charli in episode 11:

“I am creating a community for women so that we have a network to go to, to learn from, to feel supported… to understand that if we empower each other, instead of compete with each other, then we’re stronger, we can have better brands, we can have better businesses…”

I encourage you to learn more about Empowering Women in Industry here.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my favorite podcasts for women in business – be sure to head on over to each of these and check them out! 

Do you follow another female business podcast that’s not listed here? Share it below!

Also, I’d love for you to share my favorite podcasts for women in business with a boss girl who could use some business inspo and motivation in 2020!

You can download all of the podcasts above on iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app!



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